Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Work on Writing and a Freebie

 I've been posting a lot of things we do during our literacy block. Have I mentioned it's my favorite time of the day? I love to teach the kids new strategies and watch the light bulbs come on. What is even more important is that my students do not waste their independent time. That is why I love Daily 5! I decided to post a few things that my students can do for work on writing.

This is a homework pocket. In it there are class books that students can add to during their work on writing time.

Here is a close up. The labels help the kids to see all the book titles and they can quickly choose one to get started with.

The books are bound using a machine we have at school I created the covers using basic Microsoft Word clip art. The front and back sheets are printed on card stock for durability. 

Here is a notebook full of word lists by category. It came from the Carl's Corner. Click the picture to go to her website to download copies of your own topic lists.
When books are filled up we put them in the classroom library. This is by far a favorite bucket. 

My class loves this collaborative journal effort. There are enough journal topics to keep them interested and engaged.

Click below for a copy of some journals you may want to use for Daily 5 in your classroom. 

Graphics courtesy of DJ Inkers.

Check back soon! I have other Work on Writing activities to share and would love to know how you all do work on writing in your room.


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