Thursday, March 15, 2012

Show It Off - Pinterest Inspired

Do you teach your students to show off take pride in their work? I saw a board on Pinterest not too long ago that was a 'Show it Off' wall. The idea is that it is a board the belongs to the students that they can add something of their own showcasing their best work. I started this is my room with pretty loose guidelines. It had to be school related, had to have writing, and had to be your personal best. The kids post all kinds of things on it but the favorite seems to be the post it notes we use for our reading tracks. (I'll post more about that later)

Last week when I deemed students experts at various reading strategies I added that to the show it off wall. You can read more about the expert reading strategies here. Here is a picture of the addition. 

There are sixteen different areas that kids can be experts at. I attached there pictures with sticky clips so I could move them if needed.

Here is a close up. These three are experts at using main idea graphic organizers.

Here are some post it notes the students hung along the top. We've been working on main idea webs and cataloging learned facts. The connection in the middle says 'Ear wax is a fleck of garbage that makes its way in your ear.'

Main Idea web about bats.

Here is a connection. I'm curious what this student was reading but it's interesting none the less. 'I am shocked. I thought there were more outies because even my little sister has a outie.'

Now here is the exciting part. My kids are zoned in on working their expert talents so they go looking for people to partner read with and teach skills. It's hilarious to hear my word wizard walking around asking if anyone has come to a tricky word. It's also exciting to see them helping the students with things I've been teaching for months. Sometimes you just need another perspective!

Making reading tracks

Working on main idea webs.


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