Thursday, March 22, 2012

Geometry and a Freebie

This month we have been studying about shapes in math. I love geometry - it's definitely my favorite thing to teach in math. I wanted to show you a few of the things we have done. I have found so many wonderful free resources and ideas on Pinterest some you have probably seen before, but just in case....

This is a hall display we made learning about slides, flips and turns. The kids love using their hand prints to understand this skill.

This week we did a 3D shape graph. I had found a website a long time ago that I used for recording sheets. Click here to go the website. It's about half way down. I used sour cubes instead of caramel because I knew they'd be more popular. I also used Gobstoppers instead of Whoppers because of a food allergy.

 We ended today with making shapes using gum drops and toothpicks. That's always exciting. Below is one I made. I had to use raisins for the sample because I was afraid I'd run out of gumdrops.

Here is a game I created to review naming basic 3D shapes. Graphics courtesy of DJ Inkers.

Ahh....almost Friday! :)  


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