Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Don't Let your Caboose Become Obtuse!!!!

We are on the homestretch before Spring break and their is a lot going on! We just had to hand in report cards, we have NWEA MAP testing this week and next, and the kids have that terrible illness called spring fever. Can you tell I'm ready for a break? Well I was inspired to write this post after a conversation with a sweet little girl at the lunch table today. Our fifth grade is selling chocolate bars for a field trip and I just love chocolate. I was teasing one student and asking why they bought a chocolate bar but forgot to share any with us. Well, one of my little girls said "I'll buy you a candy bar, Mrs. O'Quinn." I chuckled and teased her back saying that if I ate a candy bar my pants might not fit right the next day. Well a third little student heard this and piped up with the saying from our math lesson a few weeks back. "Remember Mrs. O'Quinn, You don't want your caboose to be obtuse!" I was so tickled that she remembered what the word obtuse meant. I hope you can you use that phrase I coined with your kids. It seems to have helped mine.

Hope you find a place for this in your classroom! I love my math wall. What types of things do you have on your math wall?

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