Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mental Math Freebie

When I started doing math groups two years ago something kept filtering through in all the literature I would read. Kids didn't understand math concepts and could not calculate concepts quickly in their minds. I quickly made some mental math cards. I have beefed them up this year and am sharing some with you.

 These cards cover math vocabulary and multi-step problem solving. They have helped my students a lot. I pull them out and use them during transition times, for math warm up, or even math review. Mine are laminated and on a metal ring.

 In this version I have attached KABOOM cards in case you want to use them to play Kaboom.
 Are you familiar with Kaboom? There are lots of versions floating around out there but my class' favorite is to boys against girls. We sit in a circle on the carpet and I play music. While the music plays the students pass a small basket around the circle. In the basket are a mixture of math cards and a few Kaboom cards. If the music pauses then that student pulls out the card and answers the question. For each correct answer they earn a point for their team. (Boys vs. Girls) If they pull out a Kaboom card then they loose all the points for their team. I usually let the winning team line up for lunch first or something equally mundane exciting for an eight year old!

Hope you can use these in your classrooms.


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