Friday, March 30, 2012

Word Problem Give Away

Ahhhhh... we have had testing this week and I have been stressed to the max. Next week we are reviewing in math because the following week we are on Spring Break. Hallelujah! Well, I have been busy getting prepared for our word problem unit. We have discussed word problems before so this should be a relaxed refresher week. This time when we review I am going to have the kids write their own word problems to use during our problem of the day. If you want to read how I use a problem a day go here. (I'm still waiting to give away some math mats, so leave a comment, too!) We are also going to create flap books for the hallway and play scoot with some task cards I created. I'm putting my packet up on TpT so the first three people that leave a comment with their email can snag a free copy.

This packet includes: 
* Key word poster
* CUBS strategy poster for math wall
* CUBS tag for inside math journal 
* 66 adding and subtracting word problems from one digit all the way to regrouping
* Cut and Paste key word sort
* Hall display flip flap book
* 4 math mats for guided math (addition and subtraction with and without regrouping) 
* Word Problem author sheet
* Setting cards to create your own word problems
* Number cards to create your own word problems

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