Monday, April 16, 2012

Multiplication Freebie

Wow! Spring break is over, but not for me! Unfortunately my son was sick today so I got to stay home with him. I really didn't mind - he cuddled up with me and was not going ninety to nothing like he normally is.

When I return to school, tomorrow hopefully, we will begin our unit on multiplication. In 2nd grade our students have to learn the concept of arrays and repeated addition. They are normally pretty good at this. This year we are going to piggy back on some ideas I have seen here on Pinterest and ProTeacher and encourage multiplication mastery.

Our end of the year is really a time for review but everyone knows the motivation is gone after spring break so hopefully this spark will be the difference maker for our students. We have been working on multiplication a little here and there. For the most part my students know the 1's, 2's, and 10's really well. Most have also mastered the 11's, but when you mix all the facts together it gets jumbled for them. Basically we are going to build a Sundae based on the math facts they have mastered. Our grade level tweaked this idea for what we needed. No 7, 8, or 12. We'll save that for third grade teachers!

As we do assessments and the students pass we will stamp that fact beside their name. I'm fortunate at my school to have a poster machine so this will be a poster on my door for everyone to see. We will celebrate with the ice cream party some time in May. We are planning to take about 3 or 4 weeks to do this. 

Anyway to get our minds rolling with those 2's we will be playing Bump. All you need for this game is a deck of cards with the face cards removed and counters.

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