Thursday, April 26, 2012

Animal Unit, continued.....

We are smack in the middle of our animal unit, yippee! Now that our testing is over for the year we can actually spend adequate time on all subjects. I always feel like science is shaved and trimmed - and it's the kids' favorite.

So, here is a look at how things have been going so far.

Guided response questions to review the animal classes. The kids loved our version of 'Fact or Fake?' using these handy Popsicle sticks. It worked so well because the ones that were fake we talked about how to turn the statements into facts.

A goldfish tank array integrating multiplication and our animal unit! The poster there is a poem explaining how the fish got caught.

Close up - notice the pirate ship!

Paper plate animal class wheel. The underneath flaps are illustrations of an animal from that class.

Bird and amphibian.


Outside of flaps have definitions on them. We created anchor charts as a class over the last week to help us finish our plate wheels. 

We have a lot left to do but I wanted to share what we had done so far! If you'd like to get a copy of this unit check it out below.


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