Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Behavior Management Freebie

I am enjoying my wonderful spring break - finally! I have been busy tweaking this and that and wanted to share something that I have been using. I'll have to post pictures later, but the document is here.

 I got a new student last week that comes with a lot of emotional baggage (like so many that we have nowadays!) Anyway, we put him onto a behavior plan so he could start his time off right at our school. I do think it's helping. We did two days with it before the break and he seemed to grasp the system and really respond to the rewards.

 Here is a little about it. I saw this idea on pinterest. My assistant principal who is lovely also saw it and we molded our minds together to make this one. Here is her original pin that she created. I'm not sure which blog she modeled it after, but here is her pin.

 Well what I found after using this card is that I didn't want to set a number for him because schedules vary from day to day and there are some days he won't have the opportunity to earn as many as others. I am totally for this system but there are so many different adults in and out during the school day that I felt like saying get 10 or get 15 was unfair. So I made this system for us and it seems to be helping.

I have it color coded in place of the numbers. My thinking is that every three punches he will get a reward of his choice. We have discussed what it is that he would like and there is an array of goodies. I have a few small little 'toys' that he can play with. I put a digital timer in there and he seems to have no problem giving them up when the time is over. ( I say toys but they are merely oil and water mixers that have food coloring in them!)

So basically every three punches he gets a prize. I made another card that will progress to every four punches. There is a final page that is every five punches. My hope is that when we get to five we can transition off of this system.

I have a hole puncher (crazy, I know!) on my lanyard that I wear around my neck. It's noisy sometimes but it makes it so convenient to use. I love this system better than the paper contract where you keep score or do smiley faces.

The student has this single card on a ring. I put the ring on his belt loop or jacket zipper. At the end of the day it goes home with him so his mom can sign the back.

I really think the color helps because he can see how many more squares he needs punched before he gets a prize. The numbers was good but he was disappointed if he did not get a target number. This is going to focus more on the instant classroom rewards we offer vs. the big prize at the end of the day.

Oh, and by the way. I had to explain this system to my other students so they would not feel that jealously. They have done well. I basically leveled with them and many have decided to help out during this transitional time in our classroom. They really do rise to the occasion! :)

Don't forget to click the picture to head over to my TpT to pick this up for free.

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