Saturday, July 7, 2012

Writing Strategy Songs and the Common Core

So I recently did a professional devolpment week with the Lucy Caukins summer institute. It really excited me and made me want to revamp some of the things I was doing during writer's workshop. I don't know about you but writing is often shoved around when time constraints arise. This really isn't good because we all know writing is crucial to reading ability.

 So as I was listening to these wonderful speakers and examining mentor texts I decided I had to find a way to help my kids remember writing strategies better. We need a common language during our day that they can reflect back on and say 'Oh yea, commas. I remember those!'

I set out to create this pack and I can't wait to use it. I use lots of little songs in my room anyway because I love music. These will go along well with my mini lessons. I wish I had some kids to practice them on but I don't. EEK! But you can help me with that.  I've posted this pack but I will share it with the first person that leaves me a comment with their email. Let me know what you think!

These songs cover a range of skills. There are sixteen in all and they are set up on a half sheet of paper. I may hang them around my writing wall after we learn them. I'm not sure. I consulted the common core, Lucy Caukins, and some Six Traits writing when I wrote these. I hope you like! :)



  1. I would love a copy!

  2. I love teaching music too and I sing to my little girl, so it would be great practice!