Friday, June 15, 2012

Math Common Core

We recently did a lot of math common core training. I am no expert, but I feel so much better about what is coming. I'm excited for a chance to teach my kids without as much pressure to cover all of our state standards. I made two documents to help me for next year so I am sharing these freebies with you!
Click here to download an overview for getting math workshop up and going within your classroom. It is modeled after the First 20 days, but it is far more general. Hopefully you will see a lot of things you are already doing.

Click the picture below to download a set of posters for the Standards of Mathematical Practices. These are the broad overview that guides your math lessons. It's important for students to use these daily. I plan to hang them on my math wall as we discuss and learn them during those first weeks of school.

What are you doing to prepare for the common core? What changes have you made since adapting to the common core? 

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